Best Pillow For Neck Pain Relief

Is your good night’s sleep not as good as it was before? Do you wake up already feeling tired? Is your body always sore in the morning?

Not everyone may be aware of this, but your pillows can impact your life greatly. Yes, more than your sleeping position or your mattress’ quality, your type of pillow has a huge impact on the quality of sleep you get at night.

A good night’s sleep partly determines your level of productivity for the day ahead, so it is very important that you get yourself a pillow that helps you reach maximum comfort. Sadly, not everyone is aware of the vital correlation between the two. Kudos to you for finding your way to this article!

We have listed the best pillows here for neck pain relief to help you out in choosing what pillow you’ll be entrusting your good night’s sleep to. These pillows differ in function—some were made exclusively for the bed, while others were made for travel.

Read up to see what your options are. Listed below are seven great options that are varied in their areas of expertise and accompanying benefits.

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow Airplane Travel Kit


The Everlasting Comfort neck pillow is made of 100% pure memory foam, which is a material that reacts to body heat and softens into the mold of the body part. As the pillow was made for travel, it comes complete with everything you need for an ultra-comfortable travel—an ultra-plush velour cover, a sleep mask and a pair of earplugs.


  • Made for travel
  • Ideal for long plane flights or car rides
  • Ergonomic raised lobe design
  • Has a cellphone pocket
  • Complete compact travel set
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Removable and washable pillowcase


  • Not recommendable for a regular night’s sleep
  • Can be stiff and bulky
  • Can be too firm

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner by Bare Naked

For those looking for a nursing pillow for their babies to comfortably lie in, the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner by Bare Naked is for you. Made of 90% polyester and 10% cotton, the pillow was created to support and cradle your baby while you breastfeed him or her, so you don’t have to carry all the weight. Trust us, your arms, back, and neck will thank you for this purchase!


  • Can be machine-washed
  • Strengthens muscles and body coordination
  • Flexible to fit all waist sizes
  • Suitable for babies up to one year old
  • Has a colorful array of slipcovers sold separately


  • Not recommendable for a regular night’s sleep
  • Can be expensive for some
  • Does not come in a variety of sizes to choose from

Equinox 2-Pack Bed Pillows 900GSM

Now, we can talk about a pillow for a regular night’s sleep. Those looking for pillows to ease their neck pain after a long night’s rest can consider the Equinox 2-pack bed pillows, which are made of 100% hypoallergenic polyester microfiber fillings to ensure quality sleep without the disturbance of allergens. For those who are hypersensitive to the slightest triggers, it would be wise to invest in a pillow that not only contributes to your sleep comfort but play a part in your health as well.


  • Highly recommendable for a regular night’s sleep
  • High quality and hypoallergenic material
  • Very comfortable
  • Molds into the shape of your head and body
  • No-shift design
  • Resistant to bed mites, mold, and mildew
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be machine-washed and dried


  • Can be too firm and big
  • Some users find it too flat, thin and soft
  • Some users find it hard to wear in

BestMaxs Inflatable Travel Pillow

Another travel neck pillow on our list is BestMaxs Inflatable Travel Pillow. This pillow is most recommendable for travelers as it is very portable with its two-breath inflation. It’s very convenient to store in your travel carry-ons. Added to this, having the inflation option gives you a choice to determine the height of the pillow. Sad goodbye to stiff necks and equally strained backs from those awkward travel positions you have to endure. This pillow will surely ease some of your concerns, making it an essential on-the-road companion.


  • Adjustable pillow height
  • Created to support the neck
  • Portable and easy to deflate
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Comes with a pack-sack
  • Washable pillowcase


  • Not recommendable for a regular night sleep
  • Some users find it hard to inflate and deflate

Ka Ua (Hawaiian Rain) Neck Roll Pillow Cervical Bolster with Bamboo Cover


Claiming to be made of the highest quality memory foam, the Ka Ua (Hawaiian Rain) Neck Roll Pillow is a soft cervical neck pillow that supports your neck and back through molding into the exact fit of your body. Despite it being on the pricier end, the Ka Ua ensures you a good night’s sleep with its carefully created product.


  • Made of 100% memory foam
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Removable hypoallergenic pillowcase made of bamboo blend
  • Washable pillowcase
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be used as a travel pillow and as a home pillow
  • May be used for various body parts such as the neck, back, knees and ankles


  • Some users find it too thin and flat
  • Some users find it too small
  • Relatively more expensive

OPTP Original McKenzie Cervical Roll (703) Pillow


The OPTP McKenzie Cervical Roll Pillow is also neck support pillow that is cervical in shape. It may be placed under the neck, back, knees and ankles for support. It also helps improve the cervical spine posture, as most cervical roll pillows do. Place it inside your pillowcase to give yourself a better night’s rest.


  • Can be placed inside your pillowcase
  • Can be easily hand-washed
  • Helps promote good posture and sleeping habits
  • Made to ease neck and back pain
  • Can be used as a travel pillow and as a home pillow
  • May be used for various body parts such as the neck, back, knees and ankles
  • Relatively cheaper


  • Cannot be machine-washed
  • Some users find it too flat
  • Quality is not very long-lasting

Nature’s Guest Cervical Support Pillow


Back and side sleepers can now rejoice with Nature’s Guest Cervical Support Pillow. Made to support shifting movements while asleep fully, this pillow is also fully adjustable so that you can determine how full you want it to be. The shape being recommended by doctors, you just know that this pillow can properly assist you to dreamland.


  • Chiropractor and orthopedic doctor recommended design
  • Recommendable for back to side sleepers
  • Fullness can be fully adjusted
  • Firmness can be adjusted from soft to medium level
  • High-quality material
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Can be too pricey for some
  • Some users find it too flat or thin

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Pillow for Neck Pain Relief


Understanding Your Sleeping Position

Some people sleep on their back, while others sleep on their side. Meanwhile, there are also people who tend to shift positions while they sleep. You must consider what kind of sleeper you are so that you can get a pillow made exactly for what body part needs maximum support. There are pillows specifically created for side-sleepers, while there are also some created to adapt to shifting positions.


Pillow Filling Material

Pillows made of feathers conform to the shape of the neck, but memory foam pillows do this as well. Memory foam pillows are known to promote proper spinal alignment as well. Know what your body needs. More often than not, there is a specific type of filling available in the market that would be most suitable for your needs.


Age of the Pillow

You must replace your pillows every once in a while, depending on what kind of pillow you have. Over time, pillows tend to collapse. When they do, they won’t give you the same amount of support they used to.

To know if it’s time to replace your pillow, you can try folding your pillow in half. When it doesn’t return to its original form, that most likely means you would have to get a new one.

Even when your pillow passes this test, you also have to consider if it’s still of good quality. Meaning, there is no hidden buildup of bacteria or dust mites in its filling. Some pillows last up to 36 months, while others can only be good enough for six months.


Neck pain isn’t something to be shrugged off. Most of the time, neck pains can last the whole day and can lead to irritability and unproductivity.

All the pillows listed here are the different options you have that are now available in the market. Make sure to choose the best one for your lifestyle and needs. Also, don’t panic if your pillow isn’t comfortable the first night around. Give it some time to wear into, and you might find your life changed for the better!

If your neck pain persists, it would also be wise to consult your doctor so that you can have professional advice about what pillow you really need to help relieve your pain. Happy shopping!


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